Tree Planting and Removal

Tree Planting and Removal

Choose fast, effective service in Tyler, Texas

Whether you are looking to rid your yard of certain trees or add more around your landscape, contact Zemer’s Tree Maintenance. Our arborists are knowledgeable in the proper care, treatment and removal of the region’s trees, and will provide affordable and efficient solutions to keep your landscape’s trees healthy and beautiful.


Do overgrown trees pose a threat to your home? Are leftover stumps making your yard an eyesore? We can take care of that. Zemer’s Tree Maintenance specializes in carefully taking down trees piece by piece and carefully removing trees and limbs that are dead, diseased or pose a threat to you and yours. We’ll also remove those unsightly stumps left behind, grinding them away and hauling off the wood chips. Tree removal has never been easier!


When you’re ready to add trees to your landscape, call Zemer’s Tree Maintenance. We’ll work with you to design a strategic placement plan to make your property beautiful and functional.

Our arborists will carefully place trees, like palms and oaks, around your landscape to protect your home from wind, maximize shade and let light in where you want it. Once the tree is in the ground, we’ll also take care of fertilizing the area for optimum tree health. You just have to sit back and enjoy the view.

For all of your tree planting or removal needs, rely on Zemer’s Tree Maintenance. Set up your free estimate by calling today!